• Our Values

    At Big Little Moon, we believe family wellbeing is everything.

    That’s why we are devoted to bringing you only the best quality certified items from independent, fair trade, family-owned brands and suppliers. So you do not have to look anywhere else!

    Sustainability and eco-friendly nature forms our mission statement and thanks to WeaveLift™️ and naturally sourced yarns we know we can keep that promise!


  • Our Expertise

    WeaveLift™️ is our way of enabling a product to have a longer life.

    Basically, we’ve developed an eco-friendly process to clean and ‘ennoble’ the fibres in your fabric which stabilises the yarn and makes it hypoallergenic, anti-static and velvety to the touch.

    We’ve taken 30 years to develop our secret formula…and we thought You should know!


  • Our Products

    What’s it like to own hyggecolour products…

    Well hygge is a concept conveying coziness, comfort and above all… family. That’s what we had in mind when we were designing hyggecolour™️ blankets collection. So make sure to check them out...

    ...and with that special WeaveLift™️ touch, you know it will be a comfort for Your Family for much longer.


Our Brands