The Guide to Baby Blankets: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

The Guide to Baby Blankets: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Are you an expecting mom or a seasoned parent searching for the perfect baby blanket? Look no further! At Big Little Moon, we understand that choosing the right baby blanket goes beyond aesthetics. It's about ensuring your little one's safety, comfort, and warmth. In this guide, we'll explore why having a baby blanket is essential and how you can make the best choice for your precious little one.

Safety First: Natural Origin and WeaveLift™ Wash

Cotton and bamboo are natural, renewable resources. Choosing baby blankets made from these materials is your little way of helping the environment. Our range of baby blankets benefits from the extra touch of WeaveLift™ washing technology which cleans the fibres of all manufacturing residue, making them hygienically clean, extremely soft, fluffy and velvety to the touch. It also makes them hypoallergenic, making them suitable for babies with sensitive skin or allergies. If you use baby blankets instead of a sleeping bag, lie your baby on their back with their feet nearest the foot of the cot or Moses basket. This prevents any loose bedding covering their face when they wriggle around. The blanket should be tucked in firmly, no higher than the shoulders, and not doubled over as this can cause overheating.

Temperature Control: Thermal Comfort for Any Season

One of the essential factors for baby blankets is breathability. Cotton and bamboo are highly breathable fabrics, allowing air circulation and preventing overheating. This is crucial for regulating your baby's body temperature, especially during sleep. Moreover, cotton and bamboo have excellent moisture-wicking properties. They can absorb and release moisture efficiently, keeping your baby dry and comfortable. This feature is particularly beneficial in preventing skin irritations and rashes. Thanks to the unique structure of the bamboo yarn, formed by naturally expanding and narrowing micropores, the blanket provides exceptional insulation. Balanced thermal comfort at low temperatures, and as it gets warm it cools and becomes airy. Regardless of the conditions, bamboo and cotton fiber has adaptive breathable properties which is very beneficial to your baby's skin.

Softness Matters: Smooth Finish and Comfort

Cotton and bamboo fibers are naturally soft and smooth, making them gentle on your baby's delicate skin. These materials help prevent irritation and discomfort, ensuring a cosy and comfortable experience for the little one. The naturally rounded structure of bamboo makes the blanket behave like silk. Its shiny and smooth structure removes many of the causes of irritation to baby's sensitive skin. The high level of craftmanship in our baby blankets is visible and felt in the delicate finish. Thanks to the combination of cotton and bamboo fibres, the right density of yarn weave and the use of our WeaveLift™ finishing technology, the blanket is extremely soft to touch and provides the ultimate comfort to your baby.

Easy Peasy Cleaning: Composition and Strength

Both cotton and bamboo are known for their durability. Bamboo fibre possesses a remarkable ability to evaporate moisture which makes the blanket less susceptible to getting dirty, making it hygienic for longer. Baby blankets made of a combination of cotton and bamboo yarn are extremely delicate and soft and at the same time very resistant to stretching. The naturally flexible bamboo fibre makes the blanket soft to lay on and wraps extremely well. Appropriate weave density and weight of the blanket ensure high quality of use even after repeated washing. Blankets washed in our WeaveLift technology maintain the appropriate twist of the yarns which reduces pilling (the little fluff balls that form on the surface after repeated use and wash), while also maintaining their size, shape and colour for much longer.

In summary, natural origin cotton and bamboo are best for baby blankets because they prioritize the wellbeing of your baby. From providing a soft and gentle touch to promoting breathability and environmental sustainability, these materials offer a combination of comfort, safety, and practicality that is ideal for your little one. Choosing the right baby blanket is an investment in your baby's wellbeing, and at Big Little Moon, we take that responsibility seriously. So seriously that we ensure every blanket we sell has been washed to make it safe for your baby. Browse our collection, where safety, softness, and style converge and wrap your joy with blankets that are not just accessories but an embodiment of love and care.

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